How to Track Weight

Tracking weight is one of the most simple and easiest parts of prevention medicine. Weight is not the only value that does matter, but it is very important and simple to track.

If you want to change your weight, a big part of the success is doing the regular measurements. You become aware of your body and it will change the value you give to your healthy diet and exercise.

We encourage you to explore your current and desired weight in connection to BMI with your doctor or trainer. They will include more elements into the calculation - like muscle mass, bone density, or your health status (e.g. pregnancy). Once you have all the important information it will be easier to set a healthy goal.

How to set your goal?

Consider setting a smaller achievable goal, which can be accomplished and adjusted again. Small steps will keep you motivated and it will be easier for you to have an effective diet or exercise routine. Do you know that the simple addition of drinking enough water or short daily exercise (walk or run) will start burning your fats?

Nutrilio helps you to set your goal - if you want to lose, gain, or keep weight. Make sure to set reminders - once a week is enough. Make sure you take measurements every time at the same time, ideally before breakfast and naked. Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning will help you to empty bowls before measurement.

Now you know the basics if you have your goal and your mindset - nothing can stop you!

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